• Class begins at 9AM!  The Combat Rifle course is specific to developing critical skills in combat shooting and weapons handling while under pressure. This class will bring the student's heart rate up and teach them perform to a higher level. In this class your marksmanship and endurance will be tested.  This class will be a review  fundamentals, proper handling, shooting from cover/concealment, shooting while on the move, and malfunctions all while with a increased heart rate. Students will also learn how to shoot, move and communicate during training. You will need a minimum of 200 rounds for this course. You will need a one point or two point sling for your rifle. You will need to provide your own eye and ear protection. * * A minimum of two magazines is needed for this course. * For more info contact us @ Info@dominion1-26.com 713-962-1044
  • The private training sessions will help develop the student's shooting skills by providing one on one attention without having to deal with large classes or groups. These trainings are for beginner, intermediate, or advanced shooters. The private session is designated to helping the student learn one firearm platform (pistol, shotgun, or rifle) during the two hour session. If you wish to learn more than one firearm platform during a session please purchase an additional session for each firearm platform you wish to train with. Firearms are available for rent. Ammunition will need to be purchased from us for the rental.
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    Class starts at 9AM This course will demonstrate different ways to defend yourself in and around vehicles. This is primarily a handgun class, but if you like you can bring your rifle. You will need at least 150 handgun rounds. Ear and eyes protection. A holster of your choice and extra magazines. This class will cover threat assessment inside and out of your vehicle.
    • Cover and concealment.
    • Action vs response time.
    • Firearm deployment and engagement.
    • Problem solving under pressure.
    • Vehicle and windshield ballistics
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