• The private training sessions will help develop the student's shooting skills by providing one on one attention without having to deal with large classes or groups. These trainings are for beginner, intermediate, or advanced shooters. The private session is designated to helping the student learn one firearm platform (pistol, shotgun, or rifle) during the two hour session. If you wish to learn more than one firearm platform during a session please purchase an additional session for each firearm platform you wish to train with. Firearms are available for rent. Ammunition will need to be purchased from us for the rental.
  • Class starts at 9AM! The  Defeating Multiple Threats Course is specific to defending life with a firearm in a potential deadly situation with more than one attacker. This class will be a review of pistol fundamentals, proper handling, shooting from cover/concealment, shooting while on the move, engaging multiple threats, recognizing when to fight, driving the gun, and being smooth with your movements. The class is approximately 5 hours and includes instruction, targets and shooting range time. You will need your pistol, holster, and a minimum of 150 rounds for this course.
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